Mind-Body Therapy

Your mind is in every cell of your body, so attaining optimal health in your mind or body requires working with both.

I work with mind and body at the same time: with bodywork I can sense and help you release physical and energetic restrictions so your body can function more optimally, and with therapeutic dialoguing I can help discover and transform internal conflict to help you feel at ease within yourself.

What word would you use to describe what you are struggling with most right now? Anxiety, Stress, and feeling Overwhelmed are the most common answers I get from people who come to see me for help. We start there, and then we move on to how that feeling presents itself in your body and in your mind.

Your body is telling you something.

Your fatigue, headaches, and digestive issues are your body’s way of telling you that something needs to change. I can help facilitate the release of restrictions in your body that keep you in a state of dysfunction. Your fascia is a continuous network of tissue that connects every part of your body. A disruption of this matrix – from physical or emotional stress – in one part of your body can profoundly affect your whole system. We start by discovering the areas of restriction, and we work toward release and integration.

Your body is listening to you.

Internal conflict affects your body on a cellular level, impacting your body chemistry, tissues, and organs. I can help you observe the stories that your mind is telling you and resolve internal conflict that disrupts balance, both physically and mentally. If you have ever felt that a part of you feels one way but another part feels another – or if you are at odds with your body due to illness or injury – then you have an idea of what this work is all about. We start by unrooting the parts of you that are in conflict, and we work toward resolution so that you feel at one with yourself, integrated.

I most commonly work with anxiety and the ways it manifests in physical and behavioral dysfunction, but I work with any issue that is creating internal conflict: anger, blocks to progress, childbirth, conception, depression, eating habits, family/parenting, fears, focus, goals, grief, illness, inability to relax, injuries, lack of energy, libido, life purpose, loss, overcoming addictive behaviors, pain, performance, postpartum stress, procrastination, psychedelic journey preparation and integration, self-esteem, sleep, stress, and trauma.

If you are ready to heal, reduce inner conflict, or make a change, I can help facilitate your process. Come see me! Click here to request an appointment.

Why “MoonSea”?

I chose this name for a few reasons:

Your mind and body influence each other like the moon affects the tide. Any change in physical health – positive or negative – creates mental change and vice versa.

The moon can illuminate the darkness: this work can help you discover what is going on in your mind and body that is keeping you stuck in old patterns.

The sea speaks to the flow in your body, the depths of your subconscious mind. This work releases restrictions to restore healthy flow in your body. Your body reveals your subconscious mind and needs to be listened to.

The two words put together to create a new word that symbolizes different parts interconnected:

MoonSea. MindBody.

The mind-body connection and approach means being open to all aspects of the being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.