Why “MoonSea”?

I chose this name for a few reasons:

Your mind and body influence each other like the moon affects the tide. Any change in physical health, whether positive or negative, creates mental change, and vice versa.

The moon can illuminate the darkness: this work can help you discover what is going on in your mind and body that is keeping you stuck in old patterns.

The sea speaks to the flow in your body, the depths of your subconscious mind. Your body reveals your subconscious mind and needs to be listened to. This work releases restrictions to restore healthy flow in your body.

The two words put together to create a new word that symbolizes two separate things interconnected:

MoonSea. MindBody.

The mind-body connection and approach means being open to all aspects of the being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

My office is at 1319 Commercial Street in downtown Bellingham, WA. I work with people of all ages.

Sessions are $100. Package deals are $90 each for 3 ($270) or $80 each for 5 ($400). I recommend a series as this work is a path.

Insurance does not cover my services.

I work most often with anxiety and the way it manifests in physical or behavioral dysfunction. I can also help you in these areas and more: addictive behaviors, anger, blocks to progress, body image, childbirth, chronic pain, conception, daily living, depression, eating habits, fears, focus, goals, grief, illness, inability to relax, injuries, lack of energy, libido, life purpose, parenting, performance, postpartum stress, procrastination, public speaking, relationships, self-image, sleep, smoking cessation, trauma, and weight reduction.

If you are ready to heal, reduce inner conflict, or make a change, I can help facilitate your process. Come see me!