Therapeutic dialoguing uses Hypnotherapy techniques to uncover and transform internal conflict to help you feel at ease within yourself.

If you have ever felt that a part of you feels one way but another part feels another – or if you are at odds with your body due to illness or injury – then you have an idea of what this work is all about.

We start by uprooting the parts of you that are in conflict, and we work toward resolution so that you feel at one with yourself, integrated.

In times of stress or trauma, it’s as though parts of ourselves fragment off, jettisoned into a time capsule. Our past selves who experienced stress or trauma (an inner child, inner teenager, inner 20-something, etc.) are still very much alive within us, feeling as though the events that happened in the past are still happening, still believing the beliefs they took on at the time.

We develop protector parts (defense mechanisms) to help keep those vulnerable parts safe, which can present as behaviors: Anger, Alcoholism, and Anxiety, for example.

This fragmenting off of personality parts can lead to inner conflict, such as the conflict between the part of you who wants to do something vs. the part of you who is afraid to, or the part of you who is criticizing yourself for everything you do.

Therapeutic dialoguing can help parse out the parts, help integrate these fragmented selves and shift the beliefs they took on about themselves and the world, as well as relieving the protectors from continuing dysfunctional behavior.

Hypnotherapy uses techniques such as these:

  • Parts therapy (dialoguing with symbolic images, parts of your body, or inner personality parts such as the Anxious Self, the Inner Critic, and the Inner Child),
  • Regression (going back to initial events that contributed to dysfunction in order to reprocess), or
  • Gestalt (role playing or imagining switching places with symbolic images, a body part, an inner personality part, or another person to view from a different perspective).

The goal of all of these techniques is to create shifts in perspective in order to heal or move forward.

This form of dialoguing is not psychotherapy but more like mindfulness meditation where I help you develop awareness of what is happening both in your mind and body.

This is a much faster process than traditional counseling. Instead of going through the details of your life story, we will work directly with emotions, sensations, images, self-talk, personality parts, past and future selves, memories, dreams, and anything else that comes up.

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