I started learning the healing arts in 2010 after my son was cured of epilepsy in one session of CranioSacral Therapy, which sparked the start of my own healing voyage and helping others.

I have a Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry and a BA in Literature with a minor in both Anthropology and Biology. I have taught college English Composition since 2000. After years of reading so many essays by students suffering from anxiety, I wanted to be able to help people improve their lives rather than just helping them improve their writing.

Because of the miraculous experience with my son and CranioSacral Therapy — and the immense benefits I received from the work myself — I began training with Upledger Institute International. When I reached the advanced level, I was intrigued by the techniques used in Therapeutic Imagery & Dialogue and SomatoEmotional Release, and using the power of language to facilitate physical change in the body, so I pursued hypnotherapy training to advance those skills.

My background in the language arts prepared me well for working with the narratives, symbols, and metaphors that come up during sessions. My background in the sciences also informs my work as CranioSacral Therapy is both a highly intuitive art form and a highly scientific modality. As the body gives direct access to the subconscious mind, having hands on while dialoguing helps me tune into the important details. I can feel restrictions in the body caused by physical or emotional stress or trauma, and I can feel when they release with the facilitation of my hands and/or language.

I eventually got my medical license in order to be able to do the hands-on work. I am now a licensed massage therapist [MA 61096804] and a registered hypnotherapist [HP 60584594]. I opened my practice in 2015.

I also created a course called Fearless Childbirth, designed to help pregnant women overcome the fear of childbirth, based in part on my own experiences in birthing my babies at home and understanding the need for mental preparation.

My two young adult kids, my partner, and my clients have been my best teachers in life. I am beyond grateful for my work and for the privilege of being part of others’ healing paths. It is the most meaningful work I can imagine.