Portals is the name of my joint business with my partner, JP Paglia, providing forums for experiences of clarity and healing, to part the veil and help participants realign their own sense of direction.

Portals Synth Bath is a one-hour meditation with live ambient electronic music in a beautiful ceremony space near the Whidbey Institute, offered one Wednesday evening a month from 7:00-8:15PM.

Meditation on its own is profoundly transformational. Most of us know we should be doing it, but we don’t seem to make the time for it. It should be an essential part of our lifestyle to reduce the impact of stress and negativity, and to help us develop self-awareness and emotional well-being. See this link for many additional benefits of meditation.

Meditation to music offers even more benefits. See this article on The Healing Power of Sound as Meditation” for the history and evidence of the benefits of sound healing. Sound healing meditation in a sacred space with live music and others on the same path is a wonderful way to deepen your practice — or to get you started, or as an introduction to the more intense meditative Portals Breathwork ceremonies that we offer. It is also a perfect way to continue doing your own work with the material that comes up during dialoguing in my office.

Music affects us on a cellular level. Sound waves can be used to alter our vibrational states, helping to bring about shifts in perception and consciousness. It can also act as a framework in the meditation process: a vibrational field of connection that can accentuate mindfulness and help induce altered states.

Rather than using tribal instruments or crystal bowls, JP utilizes synthesizers, samplers, and time-based audio effects, borrowing musical structures from the past but expressing them with instruments created in our own time and culture: a remix of shamanic tribalism, the psychedelic pioneers of the 1960’s, ambient electronic, and contemporary sound engineering, resulting in soundscapes which can help you relax, travel, and transform.

Bodywork is an optional component of these meditations if physical or emotional difficulties arise that you might need assistance with.

Our style of sound bath meditations are unlike anything else out there. We can’t wait to welcome you to our community!

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Synth Baths are $50, paid in advance to reserve your spot, with a 50% cancellation refund available up to a week before the ceremony.

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