Therapeutic Dialoguing uses techniques such as these:

  • Parts therapy (dialoguing with symbolic images, parts of your body, or inner personality parts such as the Anxious Self, the Inner Critic, and the Inner Child),
  • Regression (going back to initial events that contributed to dysfunction in order to reprocess), or
  • Gestalt (role playing or imagining switching places with symbolic images, a body part, an inner personality part, or another person to view from a different perspective).

The goal of all of these techniques is to discover and release the cause of inner conflict and resistance, and to create shifts in perspective in order to heal or move forward.

This form of dialoguing is not psychotherapy but more like mindfulness meditation where I help you develop awareness of what is happening both in your mind and body. This is a much faster process than traditional counseling. Instead of going through the details of your life story, we will work directly with emotions, sensations, images, self-talk, personality parts, past and future selves, memories, dreams, and anything else that comes up. I can help you find the answers you have within yourself to achieve greater physical and mental health.